Selvans sophomore album is a dark Italian opus

Along with Downfall Of Nur, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Earth And Pillars and several others, Selvans are one of the most interesting bands that helped giving new life to black metal in Italy in the ‘10s. Since their debut EP Clangores Plenilunio, here at Avantgarde Music we’ve always been extremely proud of the duo from Abruzzo, and now, three years after their acclaimed Lupercalia debut they are ready to outdo themselves.

Faunalia is Selvans sophomore album, where the band evolved and broadened their sound: their personal take on folk and black metal is now enriched by many unexpected Italian influences. This is why the band chose to define Faunalia “A Dark Italian Opus”: the use of progressive-oriented Hammond organs, synths and neofolk interludes is a heartfelt ode to the Italian musical tradition of the last four decades and more. Black metal mutates and changes and drifts away to reach the shores of orchestral, cinematic music, as Selvans developed long, unpredictable pieces like “Magna Mater, Maior Mons” having in mind both black metal and Ennio Morricone. Yet, the final outcome is surprisingly natural and consistent, something only great artists can obtain through far-fetched experimentation.

To achieve such a peculiar result, Selvans decided to use an acoustic drum kit for the first time in their career and hosted several guests on the album. Faunalia sees Sicilian singer and multi-instrumentalist Agghiastru (Inchiuvatu) on “Notturno Peregrinar”, Mercy of neofolk act Ianva on “Magna Mater, Maior Mons” and Tumulash (Fides Inversa, Tumulus Anmatus) on “Phersu”. Each guest brings his personal contribution to an album which deals with popular tradition, history and superstitions of the Italian lands, with no limitations of time and space.

If you’re looking for an album where a progressive, solemn touch blends with ravaging black metal, where neofolk meets the cinematic orchestral tradition, where the line between history and superstition blurs, your search has now come to an end: Selvans Faunalia is finally here. It will be released on Oct. 29th on both cd and vinyl, as well as in a ltd. wooden box, check it out on Bandcamp and Bigcartel.