Sadness will leave you in awe and contemplation

The internet era gave birth to a number of bands releasing new material every other day, and many of those make forgettable music, focusing more on the buzz about the project than music itself. That is not the case of Sadness.

A one-man band hailing from Illinois, Sadness is the solo-project of Mexican-born Damián “Elisa” Ojeda, who’s been composing music for the last four years. Leave marks the latest full-lenght album, released digitally in 2017 and now finally receiving a proper digipak CD edition under the Flowing Downward banner.

There’s been great an attention surrounding this young artist: his soundscapes are something unique, and the emotions they trigger come from deep inside the soul. Reworking the lectures of bands like Alcest and Altar Of Plagues, Sadness shapes one of the sweetest, yet most melancholic and desperate blackgaze and post-black metal sounds you will ever hear. Dreamy and somewhat urban, Leave finally brings shoegaze into the 21st century. Muffled screams and blast-beats give way to haunting melodies and warm synths. An album best experienced at night, wandering through the city.

Leave will be out on Flowing Downward in digipak CD on September 3rd. Preorders are open, and you can stream and buy the digital version on our Bandcamp page.