Progenie Terrestre Pura are exploring the stars again

If you loved U.M.A., if you loved oltreLuna, brace yourself for the next space voyage finely crafted by Progenie Terrestre Pura. In starCross you will find once again the signature industrial/electronic/black metal sound which brought the Italian band under the spotlight, but inflected in a profoundly different way.

qTp keep on experimenting in their EPs, and just as 2014 Asteroidi was an all-ambient release, starCross is a dark, obscure conceptual work recounting an original tale. Mastermind Davide Colladon wrote a full storyline for this EP, as “starCross represents a further evolutionary step of qTp, and its sound is extremely connected to the story it tells, which is pretty dark. My intention was to recall thrilling sci-fi masterworks such as Ridley Scott’s Alien, Grant Morrison’s Nameless and the Dead Space videogame saga”. To offer a better comprehension of the release, starCross also marks the first qTp release ever sung in English.

In the beyond-Moon journeys era, in a sector not mapped yet, the scouting ship A.S. Mori follows an unknown signal coming from a distant moon. Embrace fear, madness and despair in the darkest Progenie Terrestre Pura work to date, and prepare yourself for what might be your last trip across the stars.

starCross will be out on later this month in three different editions: regular cd, black and colored (limited to 100 pieces) vinyl and a collectors’ a5 edition featuring a totally different, unreleased artwork. You can place your order on Bigcartel and Bancamp now while watching the trailer on top of this page.

Those who purchased the limited oltreLuna box will receive a cd copy of the ep FOR FREE.