Funeral Winds to release their fourth opus in twentyseven years

Sinister Creed is Funeral Winds fourth album in twentyseven years. Despite not being a very prolific act, Hellchrist Xul’s creature is one of the first black metal bands ever to come out of the Netherlands underground.

Even if released via Avantgarde Music, expect no avantgarde music here: Sinister Creed is pure rage coming from the early Nineties, a way to channel evil with ice-cold riffs, neverending up-tempos and ravaging shrieks. Simple as that. Funeral Winds are devoted to master the black arts, not some hip fine tune, therefore there is only one thing you can expect from the Dutch duo: total devastation.

For all those who miss the way things used to be almost thirty years ago, Sinister Creed is a beacon in the dark, or better, a pit of darkness in this ever-lit world.

Preorders are now open via Bandcamp.