Recitations ‘The First of the Listeners’ cd/lp

Recitations started work on what would become “the First of the Listeners” in late 2015, after ideas and thoughts had built up and been discussed between the members for quite some time. 

The aim was to create unpretentious dark music in an experimental exploration of both unusual harmonies and patterns, as well as lyrical content, and this is what can be heard in its initial steps on this recording.

The band consists of members from more or less known bands to the underground of Black and Death Metal, but wants to keep focus on the musical and ideological aspects instead of participating in the cult of persona, though without any pompous focus on anonimity for the sake of it.

Guitars (electric, semi-acoustic and acoustic), bass, bass synthesizers, drums, bells, percussion, samplers, analog synthesizers, digital synthesizers, sonic treatments, field recordings, vocals and chants by Recitations.

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vinyl LP