Ofdrykkja is back with a sophomore studio album

This December will bring snow, cold and… self-harm. Ofdrykkja, which means “excessive drinking” in old norse, is back and its depressive rock will show you once again what self-hatred and helplessness mean.
Founded after Drabbad’s release from an institution and Pessimisten’s (formerly C9H13N) Apati disbandment, Ofdrykkja is about to release its sophomore album, Irrfärd (“roving” or “wandering” in Swedish) later this year, again via Avantgarde Music, .
Once again the band offers a blend of SDBM and depressive rock, this time focusing more on the latter: warm sounds and sorrofwul downtempos will drag you through through a journey of self-harm and altered perceptions. Low-pitched spoken words and ghastly shrieks alternate on these long, resigned songs, but one thing is certain: you won’t find any hope here.
Irrfärd will be released digitally on November 25th and in digipak CD format on December 18th. Preorders are now open via our Bandcamp page, where you can already stream a preview track.