Neige Et Noirceur – Les Brumes Éternelles

Two years after Bach – Preludium Minor, a new opus by the Canadian one-man band Neige & Noirceur is about to pierce the veil of darkness once again.

Les Brumes Éternelles, French for The Eternal Mists, is an EP divided into two chapters of 18 minutes each. The first one is an atmospheric black metal monolith marked by Neige & Noirceur’s unique, foggy and bleak sounds. Juno-60 soundscapes intertwined with bleak and distant melodies, creating a sonic storm over which Spiritus screams its invocations.

The second chapter is an echo from the first one, an alternative, personal dark ambient take which aims to be the perfect soundtrack for the coming long winter nights.

Follow Neige & Noirceur through the darkness and cold of the Québecois winter, enter the eternal mists.