Dzö-nga ‘The Sachem’s Tales’ release

Dzö-nga (zone-gah) is a black metal project formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist Cryvas. The band draws inspiration from world mythologies in creating genre-blending epics, imbuing a Cascadian black metal sound with classical music flair. Debut album Five Treasures of Snow explored the far reaches of ambient metal, with “simultaneously claustrophobic and unforgivingly exposing” songs about an otherworldly Himalayan ascent. 2017’s Upon the Shimmered Bough, a 15-minute art piece based on an original poem, introduced folk elements to the project in anticipation of what is surely Dzö-nga’s coming-of-age work. The Sachem’s Tales arrives as a concept album about Algonquin folklore, from creation mythos (“Against the Northern Wind”) to apocalyptic prophesies (“A Seventh Age of Fire.”)

The Sachem’s Tales is out now in digipak CD format and will see a vinyl release in late October 2017!