Beltez – A Grey Chill And A Whisper

A Grey Chill And A Whisper is an expanded vision of contemporary black metal by the German band Beltez. The album is based on an original short story, Black Banners, written exclusively for the band by German writer Ulrike Serowy (Skogtatt).

A Grey Chill And A Whisper is Beltez successor of the highly acclaimed record Exiled, Punished…Rejected and deals with despair, hopelessness, but also courage and strength. This wide emotional range is conveyed through haunting melodies, gripping shrieks and pounding drums into a dense, sinister and very moody piece of dark art music. The result is a monolithic entity that frightens as much as it allures.

A Grey Chill And A Whisper provides just enough room for the listener to briefly gasp for air amidst its overpowering walls of sound and is an unforgettable journey into a dark and desperate world, which is presented in the accompanying audio book, spoken by Dan Capp of Wintherfylleth (GB) and Corinne Henderson with an introduction by Evan Hunt of Metaltower (NZ) and is backed by original music from Beltez.

With A Grey Chill And A Whisper Beltez shows again what artistic freedom could mean in Black Metal, yet without denying the roots of the genre. This results in a melodic and yet brutal and sinister black metal album, reminiscent of elements of death metal as well as of post-metal.

Beltez new record will be released November 20th. “This is a 65 minutes journey into the abyss.”