Asofy – Amusia

Asofy is the solo-project of Italian multi-instrumentalist Tryfar, a professional graphic designer based in Milan. Deeply tied to Avantgarde Music, Asofy has been part of our roster since sophomore album Percezione (2013), and Amusia is their fourth full-length studio record to date.

Amusia finds its roots in the pages of Oliver Sacks’s Musicophilia, a book where the late neurologist descants several disorders and their connections to music. Asofy expands such concept exploring the implications on a social scale, questioning relationships and sensorial perceptions. 

As a result, Amusia is a free broadening of the concept of amusicality in today’s society, even touching the acceptation of lack of empathy. Lyrics are mostly borrowed from Joris-Karl Huysmans’s À Rebours, as Tryfar says “Huysmans uses way more effective and peculiar words to express such feelings”.

With the whole booklet crafted by Tryfar himself from scratch, from pictures to layout, Amusia is a complete and full immersion into Asofy’s world, where music is paramount and its absence means darkness.

Amusia will be out on May 8th, 2020, on a limited CD pressing only.