Aelter ‘IV Love Eternal’ cd release

Yet known for a cinematically dreary dreamscape of doom-inspired darkness, on “Love Eternal” Aelter has fully embraced a shadow-cast landscape of gothic Western folk music and hypnotic darkwave country.
Previously released on vinyl only in the US by Pesanta Urfolk, now we are proud to offer this album in digipack cd format and make it worldwide available!

Aelter line-up features Blake Green, from notorious Relapse recording Artists Wolvserpent

As a fan of theirs perfectly pictured it on Bandcamp:
“Aelter continue their curious and darkly glorious odyssey with an album brimming with desert drones, ghost-town Morricone, gothic tumbleweeds, blackened Badalamenti, sepulchral lounge music, campfire ballads from the grave, galactic shimmers, ominous swamp waltz and what feels like the black lodge version of John Lurie”.

Available now from our store, in digipack CD format.