Manetheren ‘The End’ CD release

Manethren release a new album after “Time” (2013 Debemur Morti) and take an even deeper dive into the realm of atmospheric black metal

‘The End’ presents many layers of atmospheres and a better sound research than the previous entry, especially by using the although dominant guitar in alternative ways, creating samples and original sound patterns.
The main goal of this album is in fact to create something heavily layered in a dark atmosphere without moving too far from the realms of Black Metal (both musically and lyrically).
It toook a few years to write and complete the album as well as to prepare everything else connected to the release.

Thorns, yet drummer for very well known acts in the european extreme music scene having taken part to recordings and touring with bands like Acherontas, Blut Aus Nord or Darvaza and Martrod (just to name the most recent ones), provided also the necessary “human feel” to the whole ensemble

“The End” is out now on CD and can be purchased here