Grá – Lycaon

Since their inception in 2010, Grá has relentlessly worked to shape their music to be both a perfect example of Swedish black metal and a very personal interpretation of its classic sound. Their new studio album will mark the first cooperation between the band from Stockholm and Avantgarde Music, and we thought best to leave frontman Heljarmadr complete freedom to introduce the opus.

Lycaon is our fourth full length album and ever since we started Grá in 2010, we have been striving for constant evolution, to challenge ourselves as musicians and composers with every release.

Where our last album Väsen was extremely intricate and bombastic, with an “all in” approach to keyboards, orchestral parts, acoustic guitars and choir arrangements, Lycaon is heading in the opposite direction. It has fewer layers and with that, every layer needs to be meticulously measured and well thought out to carry the right atmosphere forward.

To stray even further away from beaten paths, Lycaon is the first Grá album that is not mixed and mastered by Heljarmadr, as it was mixed by Terry Nikas and mastered by George Nerantzis in Greece, aiming for a clearer and heavier sound.

The cover art was made by Felipe Ignacio (, a very talented Chilean graphic artist that fully understood where we wanted to go with this album.

Enjoy Lycaon with an open mind and on high volume.
Heljarmadr, on behalf of Grá