Bosco Sacro – Gem

Bosco Sacro is an Italian quartet founded in 2020. Its members have been constantly releasing and performing music within the Italian and European underground scene during the last decade: Paolo Monti (The Star Pillow, DAIMON), Giulia Parin Zecchin (Julinko), Luca Scotti (Tristan da Cunha) and Francesco Vara (Tristan da Cunha, Altaj).

Inspired by visions of sublime, reconciling vastness coming from the contact with nature and landscapes, united by a genuine devoutness to the practice of music as an healing, liberating movement, their style features dreamy atmospheres, slowed-down rhythms and an intense sonic and spiritual depth. Their musical roots come basically from ambient, doom and trip-hop.

The creation of their debut album Gem came as an impressively spontaneous and clean, natural process, leading to the creation of a sound which unites all past experiences of each individual musician into a new expressive language. With the skillfull contribution of producer Lorenzo Stecconi (who worked with Amenra, Zu, Ufomammut and Lento among the many), Gem was recorded in an unique session during the first days of October 2021 at AMM Monteggiori Studio, a peaceful place in the Tuscan hills surrounded by silence and woods.

During those same days a fruitful collaboration with video maker Michele Canevari was born, as he started filming a documentary on the band which will be completed and released in the future, following the different steps the band will make throughout the years. Michele Canevari is also the director of “Fountain of Wealth”, the first single from Bosco Sacro.

Gem is out via Avantgarde Music in February 2023 and will be performed live during an Italian and an European Tour starting in March.