Abysmal Grief – Despise The Living, Desecrate The Dead

Some things are just supposed to happen. Avantgarde Music and Abysmal Grief have been on this earth for almost three decades, dealing with the dark and obscure, and only miles apart. Yet, they never worked together. Until now.

Despise The Living, Desecrate The Dead is a compilation of “outtakes, oddities and unused material from the period 2016-2021” marking the beginning of the cooperation between the record label from Milan and the long-standing occult metal band from Genoa.

In the words of guitarist Regen Graves, Despise The Living… contains “songs recorded and mixed in our studio along the last few years, with different line-ups, that for a number of reasons were never included in previous releases”. Among these are covers of obscure, dark Italian bands of old, a doom metal rework of a funeral march from the ‘50s, and of course a number of new Abysmal Grief songs.

Due to the particular nature of its genesis, Despise The Living, Desecrate The Dead will be released in a limited, vinyl only run, on March 31st, 2023.