Suicide Forest

During the Summer of 2016, what started as a one man DSBM project released its first demo, made available for free download on Bandcamp. Influenced by Depressive/Suicidal black metal projects such as Shining, Thy Light, Xasthur, and Make a Change…Kill Yourself, the music of Suicide Forest has been described as highly atmospheric, depressive black metal that incorporates elements of 20th century classical and particularly, minimalism. Although all the music of Suicide Forest continues to be written and recorded by A. Kruger, to this day it has evolved into much more than a one man project. Through the realization of dedicated live members, the music of Suicide Forest can be taken to the stage.

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Discography (main releases only):
Descend into Despair Compilation 2017
Suicide Forest Full-length 2018
Reluctantly Full-length 2021