Ysyry Mollvün

Ysyry Mollvün is a conceptual project created by Zupai Ulen in 2012. In November 2015, Antonio Sanna (Downfall Of Nur) met Zupai and offered to be the producer. As time passed by, Sanna got involved in the crating of this project, composing arrangements for acoustic guitars and native instruments such as the charango, sikus, flutes and percussions. The band’s name comes from the words “river” in the Guaraní language, indigenous people from South America (Ysyry) and “blood” in the language of Selk’nam people, the indigenous tribe from southern Argentina (Mollvün).

The band hardly ever uses their Facebook and Instagram profile, but you may try.

Discography (main releases only):
Ysyry Mollvün Full-length 2022