Neige et Noirceur

Quebec based band running since 2002, authors of quite a load of releases, the majority of them being released on landmate cult label Sepulchral Productions. Neige et Noirceur recently pushed the boundaries of their vision and artistic outputs, oftenly releasing material that’s quite distant from the early black metal roots, on top of this the incredible, hallucinating drone-synth performance of Vent fantôme

Discography (main releases only):

Crépuscule hivernal sans fin sur les terres de la guerre Full-length 2009
La seigneurie des loups Full-length 2010
Hymnes de la montagne noire Full-length 2011
Gouffre onirique et abîmes cosmiques Full-length 2014
Les ténèbres modernes Full-length 2016
Verglapolis Full-length 2017
Vent fantôme Full-length 2017
Interstellar Enigmatic Throne Full-length 2019
Bach – Preludium Minor Full-length 2020
Les Brumes Éternelles EP 2022

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