Mesarthim (Gamma Arietis) is the name of a binary star system in the northern constellation of Aries. The name is of obscure origins, as in the line-up of this project.

Mesarthim pops out of the blue on a regular basis and releases digital albums or singles on their Bandcamp spaceship, which has been their natural habitat since day#1. Physical editions (cds and vinyls) of their albums and eps so far have been released by Avantgarde Music to huge popular success.

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Discography (main releases only):

Isolate Full-length 2015
Pillars EP 2016
.- -… … . -. -.-. . Full-length 2016
The Great Filter / Type III Compilation 2017
The Density Parameter Full-length 2018
Ghost Condensate Full-length 2019
Arrival Full-length 2023