Biography conducted by Nate Verschoor, 2020.
Chapter I: Gå i Hel
“When cut, my thread becomes…”

It has been ten years since Grá viciously spit these first words into the face of man when the then duo from Sweden stepped onto the shores of Styx, waiting patiently for the withered lantern of the ferryman to appear within the fog. Grá lifted their voices from the underworld and the Swedish black metal scene was introduced to a ravenous fire that has not burned this brightly since the days of old. Behind these venomous first words stands the very foundation that has put into motion a journey into a forlorn world of ancient and archaic nature. Born from a spontaneous strike, almost as if the primordial worlds themselves collided during the sessions for Cursed 13’s “Triumf”, Grá, a mixture of the Icelandic “grár” and the Swedish “grå”, simply meaning “gray”, was born. Reaching far back into the antiquated remains of long forgotten voices, Grá set forth upon a monumental endeavor of epic proportion…

“The concept was to explore the journey from life until the point of death and beyond. The rites surrounding death, death wish, the very moment of leaving the body and so on.”

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Discography (main releases only):
Grá Full-length 2011
Ending Full-length 2015
Väsen Full-length 2018