Battle Dagorath

International atmospheric black metal band, started in the early 2000s in California by multi-instrumentalist Black Sorcerer Battle. In 2009 Battle Dagorath welcomed the legendary German keyboardist Vinterriket.

The bandname is taken from the Dagor Dagorath (Sindarin for Battle of Battles), which is a fictional battle described in the legendarium of J. R. R. Tolkien. The Dagor Dagorath represents the coming End of the World.

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Discography (main releases only)
Eternal Throne Full-length 2008
Ancient Wraith
Full-length 2011
Cursed Storm of Ages
Full-length 2013
I – Dark Dragons of the Cosmos
Full-length 2016
II – Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness
Full-length 2017
Abyss Horizons Full-length 2020